Alex Retief Winemaker

Sydney's only urban winery is moving to Moore Park

Urban Winery Sydney is on the move. Winemaker Alex Retief is trading in his St Peter's digs for a space in Moore Park's Entertainment Quarter, with the new venue set to open mid-April.
Urban Winery Sydney

Urban Winery Sydney Finds a New Home

After a relocation from the inner west suburb of St Peters, Sydney’s first true urban winery – fittingly called Urban Winery Sydney – is creating and showcasing wines in the most unlikely of locations.

Why urban wines and backyard vineyards are a growth industry

It's summer and the young riesling and pinot noir plants are flourishing, some with healthy emerald green leaves, some with tender new buds.
Alex Retief Winemaker

Australia's largest urban winery to move to Moore Park

Winemaker Alex Retief is moving his winery lock, stock and barrel. If that doesn't sound equal parts difficult and unusual enough, he's relocating it next to the dance studio at Moore Park's Entertainment Quarter.
Wine Bar at Urban Winery Sydney

Fantastic February at Urban Winery Sydney

We have a huge year planned in Urban Winery Sydney and hope you can all be part of it in some form. Most importantly, this vintage is shaping up to be a pretty excellent year.