Urban Winery Sydney has always been and will always be about supporting local businesses, producers and our community. This season we are honoured to partner with our local sporting team ESCC. The ESCC has been around since 1894 and remains the heart of our Eastern Suburb community. Our close family and friends have passed through the club, and now we look forward to spending our weekends at Waverley Oval with our two oldest boys who also proudly represent East Juniors.  We are impressed with the role the ESCC plays in nurturing young cricketers within our community not only in their cricketing skills, but in their life skills.

The officials have gone out of their way to ensure the Urban Winery Sydney is very much represented and an important part of their club, most recently including us as the major sponsor for Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club Ladies Day and later hosting a Q&A with Cricket legend Jim Maxwell back at the winery.

We really look forward to our future together and wish them every success.