Thank You For Your Continued Support

During the holiday period, Australia suffered a devastating early bushfire season with fires across several states burning through hundreds of thousands of hectares. On Sunday 17 November and throughout the month of January, Urban Winery Sydney donated all profits from our bar and later all wine sale profits to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

New South Wales was the most severely hit, with more than 1.65m hectares razed, hitting very close to home with our friends in Tumbarumba. Around Tumbarumba, dozens of houses and farm buildings have been destroyed, commercial pine forest and blueberry fields have been torched, along with vineyards and hazelnut groves.

During the holiday period Alex and family visited Tumba, and together with help from the volunteers at Our Big Kitchen, delivered supplies to the residents through the Ladysmith Rural Fire Service. Later visiting the vineyards where we source our grapes, incredibly and thankfully the fruit at Revee Estate survived the fires.

As the fires are still currently tearing their way across Australia in one of the worst bushfire seasons we have ever seen, Urban Winery Sydney will continue to step up and raise money to go towards aiding those affected by the bushfires.