Spotlight on our wine bar with Dobson’s Distillery, Eastview Estate!

Dobson’s Distillery is the illegitimate brainchild of Stephen & Lyn Dobson. Driven by a lifetime love of Gin and Whiskey, hard work, some good friends and dumb luck.

Not afraid to experiment, they have developed some unique techniques including micro-oxygenation of whiskeys, Steam filtration of vodka through amorphous volcanic glass, etc…all of which contribute to the vivid story that is Dobson’s.

We stock the Dobson’s Sweet Pea Gin

A distinctive dark blue, Mandarin, Tangelo, Grapefruit & Butterfly Pea Gin….Luscious and refreshing, summer in a glass.


Le Caf – Canadian Maple Syrup and Espresso Liqueur

Definitely one of the best examples of the distillers art. You simply have to taste this with a quality vanilla pod ice cream softened and floating on the surface. It is truly a great spirit, even poured over ice cream as a dessert, or served as a simple affogato. The first time you taste it is always memorable.

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