The Big Squeeze: Wine Production

Join winemakers Alex Retief, Andrew Thomas and the Sommeliers Australia team for look at the a journey from winery to glass!⠀

It’s not often we see a fully operational winery smack bang in the middle of a city! Join our expert panel – winemakers Alex Retief (A.Retief Wines), Andrew Thomas (Thomas Wines) and the Sommeliers Australia team at the Urban Winery Sydney for a journey from winery to glass.

Understand what the vine requires to produce and ripen grapes for wine production and how the growing environment influences the vine’s ability to produce and ripen grapes. Explore winemaking options and how they influence the style, quality and price of wines.

Compare unfinished wines against finished wines. To malo or not to malo?

The Urban Winery Sydney bar will be open afterwards for a glass of wine if you wish to continue the conversation and chew the fat with the winemakers.


11th March 2.30-4.30pm
Urban Winery Sydney