Our Pet Nat Riesling!

New cellar door release: our Pet Nat Riesling, just in time for summer drinks.

What is Pet Nat? Pet Nat is an ancient form of Sparkling wine which harnesses the natural gases produced during fermentation to produce lightly (or sometimes very) spritzy wines packed with personality.

‘Petillant Naturel’ wines pre-date the famous Sparkling wines of Champagne. Where Champagne becomes bubbly from a secondary ferment inside the bottle, a Pet Nat is made fizzy by bottling the wine before the primary ferment is complete. This means once in the bottle, there is still sugar left to ferment. This secondary fermentation has a by product; bubbles!

With so much recent focus on pet-nat wines, which are turning up everywhere across the country…The funkier it is; the minimal-intervention bottles, the orange wines, the skin-contacts, the bottles with plenty of sediment floating around, the more people love it!

Join us in the wine bar as we only have a small amount, so get in early.

P.S how cool is the label! Who hasn’t thought about a pet gnat?! Big thanks to Jeff Allan for the awesome label design.