Did you know these facts about wine barrels?⁣

1. There are 400 different oak species are available to source wood for wine barrels.⁣

2. Wine Barrels are shaped that way so they can be rolled like a wheel, stan upright and remain stationary.⁣

3. The first barrel, as we know it, was designed as far back as 350 BC. ⁣

4. Before wood, Clay was almost the go-to material to store wine and spirits.⁣

5. The oak allows for very slow introduction of oxygen and conveys some of the character of the oak wood into the wine itself.⁣

⁣ SO it makes sense that;

6. Oak barrels are charred / toasted on the inside to maximise the effect the wood has on the contents of the barrel. ⁣

7. Smaller barrels have a higher surface-to-volume ratio, and as a result age and flavour the contents more quickly than a larger barrel. ⁣

8. Oak barrels can be reused for over 100 years to create different vintages.⁣

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