The Australian Shiraz ??

Did you know the Shiraz is the most widely planted wine grape in the country? Shiraz continues to dominate the Australian wine scene with its bold, ripe flavours and easy-drinking nature!

Let’s share some more interesting facts about Shiraz…

If we go back to its origin, Shiraz first came from Rhone Valley of France.

Did you know
The first Shiraz vines made their way to Australia in James Busby’s 1832 collection. Recognised as the father of Australian wine, Busby travelled through Spain and France collecting vine cuttings that were the foundation of the Australian wine industry.

Because of its hardiness as a vine and flexibility to different climatic conditions, Shiraz is one of the most widely planted grape varietals in the world.

Shiraz is a particularly tannic wine (the skins of this grape are slightly thicker than average and contain more tannins), and as such, it is widely regarded as one of the healthiest red wine varietals to drink.

Ages well
Many good Shiraz wines are very age-worthy.. If you could stick them in a cellar, and let time work its magic, some truly astonishing flavours and aromas will develop after a couple of years.

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